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Searching for vSRO developer

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Feb 5, 2015
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Hi, i need help with a "simple" problem. I wanna make small private server to play with my friends.
My idea is: vsro 1.188 based for good support in mBot or 1.192 i dont wanna see blank items in mBot its most important !!

Server Cap 130 ... im counting on some around 50 ppls online...

Features: No new areas like Baghdad, No new items at NPC, only Lucky powders and magic lucky powders and XXL potions...

Old job system..... NPC Thiefs/Hunters Drop Crystal elixirs for more interesting jobbing. (low rate)

Normal 13D mobs drop Holy bible elixirs(lower succes rate then Crystals) at very low rate, and dropping 13D Equip only Sox at low rate, and 13D Stones at high rate as well as normal elixirs and gold......

13D SUN Weapons drop only in HWT 1 per unique

13D Sun Acc Drop from Job unique in temple with rate 2 items per unique

Uniques: I want to have many places where are they spawn, my idea is to have normal uniques for lvling ppls and EXTRA uniques like a Karkadann, Baal, Kidemonas etc.. wich are dropping Crystal elixirs and silk scrolls. Those uniques Will spawned only at lvl 110 plus areas.

I dont wanna have some stupid coin system or academy buffs etc...

Starter items: So new chars should have Premium 10%, 50x reverse scrolls and globals. NO EXTRA SP OR GOLD :) grab pet 1 month with 5 pages of inventory, Devil spirit 15% 1 month and Avatar.

I wanna have working Sabakuns jewels and angel spirit magic stones wich are in item mall also dropping from EXTRA uniques.

Item mall: In item mall must be Premium 20% and Devil spirit S grade....

Of corse i need working web page ... no need some extra features.

Those are basics :) if you able to do this write me PM ....

MOST IMPORTANT AT ALL !!! : I will pay for this :) My whole idea is: After files are done i wanna rent VPS and i need creator of the files to do that (some experienced person :) ) I dont wanna make some huge WOW server, just a little one not advertised ..... no need bulletproof antiexploit, ddos protection etc...

THX for reading

ps. Im serious

No dev here ? i pay in €

No dev here ? i pay in €