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Season 18 Part 1.1

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Sep 23, 2011
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Hello dear Ragezoners, today Webzen announce new Season 18.
In new season he add new 14th class Illusion Knight Jacquard.
I wait new patch on test server. He release update 20.09-29.09
How i understand from translated images he is a hibrid with one hand sword like a MG

Some images:

Have a nice day ;)

Webzen if you are read the post
1.update magical class who use shield add Mastery wizard shield
2.Characters S10 and up no have Set's with guardian 380 options"pink"
3. rework Grow Lancer, 4th skill delete from skill's coldown :D
4. Elf after s17 2-2 need add mastery mace because need use socket mace or old mace:D

Updated 28.09.2k22
Now Webzen update servers to Season 18 Part 1-1

Patch 1.19.99 Red Server:

Some Info about new character

Job 1: Illusion Knight
Job 2: Mirage Knight
Job 3: Illusion Master
Job 4: Mystic Knight

Text from lang.mpr
Jacquard, a descendant of a magic swordsman who was born as an clone of Kundun, is a character with the ability to illusionize his weapon or illusionize himself by using the power of illusion.


New Sets:

Mastery Sets Skin same how on BK/MG

New Weapon's "Blade"

New Wings "Cloack"

Waiting Season 18 Part 1-2 1 weeck for for more weapon like socket and maybe New mastery sets

New UI special for IK

Update Season 18 Part 1-2​

20.10.2K22 patch aplied on korea test server only!
Maximum level expanded from 1450 to 1500
New muun Reward: Illusion Knight Jacquard

New Map: Ignis Volcano

And monster from the map:

New Socket Armour for Illusion Knight: Primal Armor level 380 "look like Skubus summoner set" & Apex Armo level 400
Mastery sets skin same hor on BK,RF,MG
Dark Angel to Soul Set add oficialy now

Socket and Mastery weapon:

3rd Cloack for Illusion Knight:

NEW 8th Mastery weapon:

NEW 9th Mastery Sets "Red Flame Apocalypse"

Ilussion Knisght is without new set and new weapon like Kundun & Lemuria in 17 1-2, webzen add items in pre S17 2-1 but no announced it in patch notes :D

and patch:
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Initiate Mage
Dec 26, 2015
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Can't wait to someone will actually make a server or share a server files for this new patch.
Initiate Mage
Dec 26, 2015
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Any udpate on this since many of the p.servers uses the Part 2-2 update. Is it possible to release a free source or impossible?