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Server Connection Issue...

Initiate Mage
Feb 15, 2007
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I know that this issue has come up before but I've spent the last 3 hours analyzing it. Using the latest MaNGOS for TBC, which I don't think is the problem, my client is not recognizing the mangosd.exe. There is no difference in response when the server is running or not. This causes the infamous realm list loop. I'm thinking my problem is with my set-up for the mangos database, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm using a servegame.org for my external IP. I did get the server to work once using, but now even that doesn't work. My realmd database works find and I think is set up perfect, but my mangos DB or mangosd.conf file may be messed up. I even tried putting the ports in the mangos.conf file to 80. :square_g:
Junior Spellweaver
Nov 16, 2006
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I think this is related to your port settings in the .conf files and the database.

I noticed most use world port 3728 for the TBC servers, not the commonly used 8085. So check the very bottom of mangosd.conf for:

# Default WorldServerPort
WorldServerPort = 3728

either change this to 8085 if you already have that forwarded or forward port 3728. (Or whatever number you have here.)

If this doesnt help also check your realmlist table in the realmd database make sure the "Port" field is correct and forwarded.