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Setting up website

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Apr 4, 2007
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I got some problem im using this guide:
well now im at this part:

Throughout the forum topics tell you to use WAMP, well WAMP sucks so we're aren't going to use it. First, download XAMPP (so much better and easier than WAMP).

After Xampplite is downloaded, install it. Now after it's installed, go to the Xampp folder, the default location is ( C:\xampplite ). Find "xampp_start.exe" and run it, if everything goes well then it should tell you it's a success. So now bring up your web browser and type in "http://localhost and if the xampp page comes up, then you installed it successfully!

Next is to download a Rose Web CMS, lots of them are found on the forums. Here is a new one (Credit to -Element):
- 1/28/07 (Updated)
- 2/2/07 Updated to the new FULL Version
- 4/28/07 (Updated to v3.2 release)

Next, go to your HTDOCS folder, which is found in the Xampp folder. (Default path is C:\xampp\htdocs ). Delete all the files inside the HTDOCS folder except for the folders "forbidden" and "restricted", please leave those. Then extract the Rose CMS v3.2 Lite you just downloaded to the HTDOCS folder. After you have extracted it, make sure xamp_start.exe is running, if not go back to your xampp root folder ( C:\xampp) and start it. If the webserver is running, bring your web browser up and type "http://localhost" and you should see your Rose CMS v3.2 Lite! Now you need to install the website to make it connect to your database (so you can make accounts). So in your "inc" folder, find the file named "config.php" and edit the Database settings inside there. So follow this pattern:

i Installed the xampp but when im pressing on xampp_start.exe
i get this problem heres a pic:
borkaman - Setting up website - RaGEZONE Forums

I cant go next because of this error =[
can some1 help me please?thanks :X
Last of the OsRose Devs
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Oct 15, 2006
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Xampp has to be installed in you root directory.
Anywhere else and you get this error.
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