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Sick of OMG help

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Jan 18, 2007
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Help iv been trying trying 2 make a server for 3 weeks for online play wiv quest iv tried and tried... am at th end of goig nuts can some 1 send me link for a server and gunz download with quest PLEASE!
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Nov 29, 2006
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Stupid that i need to tell you this but i sugest you listen:

This forums give you everything you need in order to make a server. Tutorials, tools, resources, etc. With this and a little knowledge of SQL and XML you can make a "maietlike" server. It seems you ain't got the knowledge of SQL and XML, so right now im saying: "stop building your own server, do you think your done after you got those files?". Because quest isn't the only thing, the servers are full with bugs. Some got public fixes and some don't. Are you going to beg for every fix you find? Some bugs are already solved but the peaple that solved it keeps the fix private because it was alot of work. So how do you think your going to solve that bug? Well, your not. So their are 2 things to do:
1) Stop making a server now and come back when a 100% database, modifed matchserve and a modified client folder. So you won't have to do anything except running it.
2) (I recommend this step) Learn the basics of SQL and make a start for you're self. I know you will duck it up, offcourse but then you can explain what you did wrong and prove you got some knowledge. On that moment peaple like me will help you or even guide you thruw the whole process.

Last thing i want to say is, if you manage to put your server online with a working quest, etc. Why do you think peaple will play on your server? I know some development teams who are further then me and they added alot to their server. And then im not talking about changing textures of a map and stuff, no im talking about editing the existing weapons and get something totally new. You might not understand what im trying to say because i not want to say to much and get the idea's stolen. But you do get the point right? Peaple won't play on your server if their is a better server that offers then same as yours and more(extra's).

You might think im flaming you, but im not. Im just saying how it is and want you to start thinking about what you're going to do.

If you do want to continue, this posts should give you enough information to set up full quest mode:




ps. curtisforshaw isn't the only one that should think about doing something himself. Im not seeing a future in the servers of most peaple.
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