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Silkroad | Let's cut the shenanigans for one second...

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Mar 1, 2022
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Let's cut the shenanigans regarding the private server scene for Silkroad at the moment...
we all know the Silkroad private server scene is dying out more quickly than we would like to admit. Sadly for those of us who have not been involved in iSRO in quite some time (or other versions for that matter), the private server scene is essentially Silkroad for us.

I will sum up this little rant/recruitment with this: if you are interested in the longevity of Silkroad and the private server scene more specifically, take a look at the form below and if it sounds appealing to you, submit it and I will be in touch.

For the rest, if everything goes according to plan (by which I mean finding the correct individuals), then Nostalgia will be the last Silkroad private server you play. I assure you, no more "seasons", "episodes" no more money pits that are a black, endless hole that you keep throwing your money into for what is at the end of the day nothing more than a server you could have opened yourself on your PC and played silkroad as if it were a one-player RPG.
Silkroad was based on community and community play without one another and without a server that is in touch with what we all really want; then it leaves us with nothing.