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Since everyone's making a "what do you think of these people" thread...

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Feb 18, 2003
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Here's mine. Except you have to write down the first thing that pops into your head.

In no order:

Capricorn -

Morphix -

Strider -

DonTonberry -

DeadlyEagle -

Nelly -

Speedhorn -

GohanSSJ -

MentaL -

Neosparky -

Twatters -

Evilkitten -

JohnyL1 -

Xena -

Exclamation -

Terrorfel -

Cinder -

Jago -

Tupac -

Snake -

Bazi -

Anymore people?

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Feb 18, 2003
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Capricorn - Sex

Morphix - Mate :)

Strider - *** :p

DonTonberry - Horny

DeadlyEagle - Serious

Nelly - Nutbar

Speedhorn - Mate

GohanSSJ - m00

MentaL - Aquaintance

Neosparky - Sexehhhhh

Twatters - Randy

Evilkitten - Sexy

JohnyL1 - Co-existance

Xena - Cool

Exclamation - Cool

Terrorfel - Aquintance

Cinder - Aquaintance

Jago - Aquaintance

Tupac - Friend

Snake - Friend

Bazi - Friend
Feb 25, 2003
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In no order:

Capricorn - morphs b/f

Morphix - caps b/f

Strider - Gots a Sexeh ***

DonTonberry - FF8

DeadlyEagle - long time m8

Nelly - SnoopDogg

Speedhorn - spamm0r

GohanSSJ - Elite Spamm0r

MentaL - Sheep Shagger lol i mean top notch dude

Neosparky - seems shy lol but seems quite cute

Twatters - dont no that much

Evilkitten - ne thing that can be called a cat must be good :p

JohnyL1 - a dude

Xena - cool girl

Exclamation - a mod lol

Terrorfel - seems ok

Cinder - erm dont talk 2

Jago - who

Tupac - GOD

Snake - Sexeh

Bazi - GAY!!!!
Sep 10, 2003
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How about some serious responces this time, not he is gay she is sexy etc... judge on personality....

Capricorn - Nice guy, has it's problems but so has everyone

Morphix - Nice guy but i have alot of problems with him, don't ask me why though

Strider - No comment

DonTonberry - Good friend, generally a nice guy

DeadlyEagle - Very nice guy.

Nelly - Done lots of hunts with him and SW wars, he is weird but again also a nice guy

Speedhorn - Weird guy, thinks everything is funny etc, but overall a good guy

MentaL - Good friend, 1 of my best here online, always up for a good laugh

Neosparky - No comment

Twatters - Don't know him very well but needs to be changed

Evilkitten - Very friendly girl, and i really need to add her to my msn... or could it be she is on my block list >.<

JohnyL1 - I actually don't know him that well, but he is a really good guy.

Xena - Always up for a good laugh, absolutly 1 of the best people of RZ

Exclamation - Don't know him that well

Terrorfel - Who?

Cinder - Thats Jerre right? Always seemed like a nice guy, but dont talked with him really since i was a GM...

Jago - Who?

Tupac - No comment

Snake - Don't know him very well either but seems like a good guy

Bazi - Have had lot's of problems with him in the past, i will just have to see how this will go in the future...
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