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some help about patches

Initiate Mage
Feb 2, 2007
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i already search if you are gonna give me that answer.

i deleted wow.exe and then run repair.exe but my repair.exe is version so im always getting that version.
I just started WoW in like 10 minute ago and i read that most private server needs version 1.12.1 to play. So i try to downgrade the version but it cant be done. So i'm asking how we degrade or downgrade patch version? there are people telling how to downgrade it to version 1 but my repair always always repair up to v2.
If anyone have a link that someone already had this problem solve pls reply or knows how reply.

err i typed on search for anything realted to "degrade" "degrade to v1.12" "patch degrade" "v2.0. to v1.12" and most of them came out as either my topic or others' topic that has " there's a topic of that already in the fourm search for it" nothing else that explains how to grade patch version NOTHING.

for repair.exe which of the three check bow are we suppose to click on?