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Speedhorn666 and spam

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Apr 2, 2003
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In the last few days I hav become sum wot of a spammer.

4 this reason I seem 2 hav been branded as the biggest spammer on the board.

This could not b further from the truth.
As I sed spam has only been recent. If u were 2 check all my posts u would c that 99% of my post count has been general reply or help (mainly with gettin EI workin).

I am quite annoyed that u all hav give me this title when u also know that I tryed hard 2 prevent spam as a mod.

Now I am no longer a mod of my fave place- General.

I simply ask 4 a bit of respect.

Here's an idea of how 2 spam and still b within the rules (this is wot I used 2 do)

Post an ON-TOPIC reply but add ur spam crap a little under it.
The person who wants 2 reply to this spam can create a thread on the spam (but make wot was previously the spam a nu topic of dissucution) as long as it is not sumthin stupid like: u r gay etc.
The other way is 2 reply within ur ON-TOPIC reply.

Hope y'all took note.

SIC :rockon:
Not open for further replies.