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Start King? :o

Experienced Elementalist
Dec 7, 2006
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How can i start to nominate for a king?


ive already got ppl in the election list.
Junior Spellweaver
Jan 26, 2007
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i'll give this guide in a different topic.. but i wanna to talk some about it :
-go table king_system set all of the bytype column to = 3.
-set the dates near the bytype column all of to time that election will happen. [in that date, election starts, and election continues a day, next day at the same time election ends. and kings have been selected...]
-go table king_election_list here is nomination list. you'll enter here tha nominated characters as you want. i suggest you nominate totally 10 chars. [5 karus, 5 human.]
you can specify it via a lot of ways... example = first 5 clan's leaders from karus/human.
do whatever you want.

and do no mistake in this table..

run game . type notice about .." go and vote the nominated kings..." , "election is begun" vsvs.. [note : your election will be continue 1 day. at the same time in next day, election ends..]