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Step by Step Guide to getting your Server online

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Oct 6, 2006
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Step 1: Click on the Start button and then click on run then type command then click ok.
Step 2: While in the dos command type ipconfig/all after you have done this you will see the configuration for your internet connection the only part of this you want to pay attention to is where it say's.

IP Address................. ********* These numbers are
Subnet Mask.............. ******* Examples only.
Default Gateway......... ************ Yours will be Different
DHCP Server...............
DNS Servers................

Step 3: Write this information down then exit the Dos Command box.
Step 4: Click on the Start button then go up to Settings and then move your cursor to Control Panel then click on it.
Step 5: Look for where is say's Network Connections and click on that.
Step 6: If everything has gone right so far you should be in the network connections section...now in here if you only have one network connection right click on it and go down to where it say's Properties then click on it.
Step 7: Another box will popup called Nework Connections then the name of your connection.
Step 8 Go down to where it say's Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on that then click on the button that say's Properties.
Step 9: You will be in the General Tabs section here you will see Obtain an IP address automatically and below that Use the following IP address.
Step 10: Click on the Use the following IP address. Once you have done that all of the boxes that are grey will turn white and allow you to enter your information.
Step 11: Forget about what I said in my previous post I had to do that because I have 4 computers on my network.
Step 12: Take the information that you had written down in Step 2 and put it in the Boxes.
Step 13: Do the same with the DNS addresses too.
Step 14: Click ok then when that box closes click Ok again and you are done with that part.
Step 15: Go to your internet browser and type in the Address of your router.
Step 16: Go into your routers configuration. (Since I am using a Linksys wireless router I will use my configuration for this example).
Step 17: Look for Applications and Gaming and click on that.
Step 18: Look for where it say's DMZ and click on that.
Step 19: There you will see where it say's DMZ Host IP address then followed by the first three set of numbers of your IP address then you will see a greyed out box at the end.
Step 20: Above that you will see enable and disable, click on the enable Button when you do that you will see the greyed out box turn white now here you want to type in the last set of numbers from your IP address that you had written down.
Step 21: Click Save and then exit your routers Configuration.
Step 22: Now go back into your internet browser and type in the address and click enter when that page comes up it will say your IP address is...write that address down.
Step 23: Go into your game's config.ini file and type in the addreess that you got by doing step 22 in all of the fields that has the address
Step 24: Now Open up your Mysql and go to your games database and go to channels and open up that table and look for the ip address column it will also have like the cinfig.ini file did, replace those set of numbers like you did in the cinfig.ini file with the same numbers then close the databse and then close Mysql.

Now you are done setting up your server so anyone on the net can connect to it over the internet. Do not for get when you write your Start.bat file to put you IP address in it and that also incudes the start.bat file you use too.

This will also let your Server be online without Hamchi or no-ip.

Have fun.
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Jan 3, 2005
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nice, btw, if u can see it but others cant, in wamp, go to httpdconfig and change all ports to 81, open port 81, and in ur browser IP: 81
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