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Stone Age 2

Initiate Mage
Sep 3, 2008
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Hello everyone! ^_^ I just wanted to take this moment to introduce to you this new game! It's called Stone Age 2 and its located at stoneage2.aeriagames.com now currently in OPEN BETA

Stone Age 2 is a game where players play side by side with pets! You start with your own pet and from there you can catch new pets, breed them, battle them, and overall care for them! The pets level side by side with you in this ever changing prehistoric world! You have your own home that you can decorate and release your pets into so that they can play and interact with you and each other! There are tons of different pets to choose from and Whole continents to explore!

The game is in its early stages, but our tightly knit community is very helpful and very fun! You can ask questions on our forums and very quickly receive help and answers! GMs are running events all the time to give players a chance to interact with each other and have fun!

Hope to see you all In-Game soon

If you need any help in-game or have any questions contact ReaperXtwo on the forums :) I'll be happy to help
Experienced Elementalist
Apr 18, 2005
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lol, you just keep spitting out one piece of crap after another.
Why not take the time it takes to make one serious game?