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Teleporting Problems

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Jan 27, 2007
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First as everyone should I want to kiss you butt and thank you for giving the community such an amazing product and support.

I came across a post the other day (and I am really sorry as it was mid topic and Ive scoured looking for it with no luck), but it was in regards to .go or .tele or changing of Maps (IE Instance, Continents etc) my character freezes.

Now the freeze isnt 100%, I can turn, I can cast just cannot walk.

If im not mistaken the fix had something todo with the locations doubled up in the DB. I've cleaned out the DB I have. Now I am using Etnik's TBC 6144 Repack found on this page (http://forum.ragezone.com/world-war...o-support-questions-only-files-166402-14.html)

The DB it came with had alot of oddities, in some ways looked like they tried to merge realm and world DB's into a single DB. So I dropped some un-needed tables from the mangos DB, Truncated all the Character data and started a little cleaner.

My warp / Teleporting problem seems to have gotten slightly better.
It doesnt happen all the time but the further I jump the more likely I will have to logout and back in, in order to move again.

I am also very new to MangOS etc and would love some information regarding how I can take one of these repacks and update it with a different DB to complete some items that are missing. Can someone point me in a direction of a good guide on how to figure out all the dependancies for a DB Release (Binary Version etc) and the best way to perform an upgrade / enhancement w/o reinstalling from scratch.

Again I am sure this is all here already but w/o Search functions and the amount of posts daily its a chore to dig all the archives.

Thanks for everything and thank you all for your time who reply.