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The Lawyer & The Blonde

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Feb 27, 2004
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On a plan to New Jersey, a lawyer is sitting next to a blone and he says " do u want to play a game? " so she replys "wot type of game? " he says "we each take turns asking a Question if the other person cant awnswer it we will give eachother $5!"

"Hmmmmmm" she says
"I know - i will pay $100! if u get it right!!!"
"DEAL!!" she says

The lawyer says " wat is the capital of Wales?" so she reaches into her purse and gives him $5!

Now she says " wot goes up a hill with 4legs but down with 3? " The lawyer looks all over the internet but can't find the answer so he writes a cheque for $100 to her!

So he says " wat was the awnswer for the Question!?" so she reaches in2 her purse and gives him another $5!