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The Ultimate PC Buying Guide by Cruvenium

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Jul 21, 2006
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Those are the specs on my media center :O

While waiting for my QX6850 to arrive from Intel's Retail Edge program, I borrowed a buddy's E2160 for my new system.

Didn't play with any voltages and just did an FSB overclock to 2.7GHz (to match my DDR2-1000 RAM), ran all my games beautifully.

Heh let's just say I bought it when I didn't have a job or money, going for a new rigg in a few months and this one's going to be my alt.

Well my parents got a 2160 in their computer and I can say the same, just turn up the FSB and it performs like an QX6800 or so :p
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Oct 23, 2007
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For someone like me, who has old DDR RAM sticks laying around, that it's cheaper. And while the data transfer rate may be restricted, it is many times faster than a regular harddrive.

(also, computers never use their full power - get a 600W powersupply, with accompanying parts to use it, and it'll probably use closer to 400W, or just 300W - increasing that by 10 or 15W isn't too bad; that's about $2 (USD) a month if you use your computer 24/7).
Im not ready for "ssd's" xD For now, I will stick with my cheap sata drives. :]