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Thinking of Moving Out

All is well...
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Feb 22, 2006
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Thats a great idea. If you don't like the college life (which I high doubt), you can always quit and start working.

PS - Enjoy the free life while you can, man.
Yah, the first semester was already paid for even before I made this post so I suppose I can always just use that up and see how things go...
After I file my loan application today I'm going to call a friend to pick me up tomorrow and tell my parents they can do what they want since I did my part for going to college and everything else is already in order except for that loan. To put it bluntly, I have better things to do other than nothing while waiting for a bank to tell me if I have a loan or not... I still have to tell someone how I feel about them before I do anything and being stuck here is the biggest hindrance to that lol.
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Nasty By Nature.
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Dec 26, 2004
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I'm facing the same thing at the moment, how ever I've always had allot of freedom at home and personally I think a little too much. How ever this weekend I move out of my mums and I am getting a flat with my brother.

It's a huge move for anyone and with me being only 16 I think my mum does worry, the most important thing is don't move out with out telling them first.

But yeah if you really feel like you're ready, why not?