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To Sever Ownres

Aug 16, 2006
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Hello I have just joined this mu server and i have noticed that it has major lag so i thought that i should give some suggestions on how to fix the lag on the admins side of course.

1.I believe that if u take out the unneeded mobs such as worms or yetis in davias(small yetis not big ones) it would help alot or you can take out 1 and lower the spawn rates for the other or just lower the spawn rates for both
2.You should not remove the BoKs from shops but instead make a rule and post it in the website that bans any BoK dropping in the towns and hire a gm to in force this rule or enforce it yourself.
3.Buy more ram (if you dont have the money you can always make a donation page were people can donate for items for example some restricted items that are only accessable through gms and admin)
4. Ahhh number four my best recommended thing to do get a new host since it would be easier to do (sometimes) then anything else because you wont have to change anything just send the files to the person lol<<<<means laughing out loud for people who dont know

Btw:i would love to host the server if you ask nicely and give me Admin powers (well thats a give i believe lol)

if you already know these tips and just choose not to acknowledge them then im srry that i have taken your time and I will still play on your server and recommend it to my friend and family since it is a nice server even though it lags sometimes

This was a post on the forum I moderated on JohnD's forum. JohnD does not run a server.