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Troubleshooting Tips for RageZone Server Access

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Feb 18, 2003
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Wahh Wahh Wahh!

If you can't get onto the server or you can't see some of the mobs here are some reasons WHY!

1: Make sure your ftp.ini is set to this:

It's all case Sensitive.

2: If you keep getting connection closed, make sure you have the right IP for the server. If you don't know how to put in an IP then right click on your mir icon and go down to properties. There you should see a target box for where your Mir Icon is. Press the spacebar and add this IP:

3. Does Mir close down when you go ingame? If you've just started playing on Private Servers then you've got the wrong mir.exe. Check out www.mir-resource.co.uk and you can find the private server mir.exe there. If you have the right one, restart the computer, as sometimes Mir likes to go funny. Try again and it should work.

4. Have you ever thought that RageZone might be having a reboot? If you get Connection Closed, hit the forums and see what's going on. If there's more people on the forum than average, it's more than likely there is a reboot.

About the patches:

The patches were up on a site which was hosted by DeadlyEagle, but that was brought down for some reason. If you need any of the patches and you have somewhere I could host them for other people, add Bah01uk@hotmail.com to your MSN.

The reason I am writing this, is becuase it's just starting to piss me off how people come on MSN - demand a patch or help then just give me abuse if I'm afk or something. It doesn't work that way. I'm here to help - I'm not a patch host! Now if you really need help then of course I will, but if it's just for something frivless, then you're going be seeing my Block button pressed.

Now please leave me alone - I have things to do as well.

Thank you