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Try and work this out

May 8, 2003
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right i saw a magic trick on tv the other day where a guy holds an empty bottle and wacks a cap against it and then it is inside the bottle. and he lets ppl shake it and poop.

now i think im pretty quick when it comes to magic tricks but i cant for the life of me work this one out, so i turned to the internet to find out for me.
what a waste of time that was i found poop loads of sites that would tell me for money but Ducking hell i dont wanna know that much.

So now im asking you lot can you please find out for me? :)

heres where i first found out about it after watching it on tv
and that is exactly what i want but i like my money in my pocket and not theirs.

i have searched around alot for it online and cant find poop for free.

So i spose i challange anyone to find it :)