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Tupac lol.....

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Feb 20, 2003
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u spamming mofo!! lol i just looked at the side where it said who last replied its nearly every1 tupac... lol pfft spamming damn i gotta make this thread somethin none spam ermmmmmmm let me think........................................ermmmmmmmmmmmm >< feck cant think of anything lol .... can u imagine me now typing what im thinking well thats what im doing damn MentaLs gonna ban me :( plz dont i cant help it my fingers wont stop i blame sic speehorn arghh ..... lol ermm now what rmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im just typing what comes into my head if u didnt know if ur a bit loose in the head so this is classed as spam damn im as bad as tupac damn damn damn it!! IM SORRY!! ill stop soon promise damn i cant stop lol im being serious u ever typed and u cant stop due to ur fingers thinkin hmmmmm we will add somethin else damn i think im goin mad BAD FINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!! ><

Whats every1 been up to 2day ive been working (Tryin to make none spam lol :()
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