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[TUT] Adding NPCs and editing them

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Apr 28, 2008
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Difficulty: 1/10
Files to edit: Autospawn.cfg, npc.cfg
Knowledge: Copy/Paste

Step 1:

Open up Autospawn.cfg, which is most common in the CFG folder or in the root folder.

You'll see at the top of the file:


NpcID = Id number of the NPC, which you can find in the npc.cfg file.
Coords = The coordinates the npcs stands on.
Height = The floor the npc stands on, 0 = default
Range = The NPC walk coordinate borders
Walktype = 1 is standing still, 2 is walking (use if you use Ranges)

Step 2:

Start server.bat / run.bat / other file to run your source/server
Get on your client and go to the place where you want to put your NPC.
If you are on the spot, type in ::mypos and write the commands down.

else if (command.startsWith("mypos"))
sendMessage("You are standing on X="+absX+" Y="+absY);
For the people who haven't the command in their client, here's the code

Step 3:

Well, we have the coords. Let's get our NPC ID.
Let's say we want to get Zaff (Varrock staff store), get in npc.cfg and search for ''zaff''
We'll get this:
npc = 546 Zaff 0 0

NPC = xxx = NPC ID
Zaff = NPC name
0 = Combat
0 = Health

Copy the 546 thingy and write it down.
Ok, let's go back to our coordinates.
Let's say they're x = 2000 and y = 2000, and we are going to make it static.
If we want to spawn a new NPC, you must fill in this form:


Firstly we're going to put down the NpcID in the form. But, we must say to the server that he must SPAWN the npc. So, we'll use the variable ''spawn''

So, it'll look like this

spawn = 546 (NpcID) 2000 2000 (coords) 0 (HeightLVL) 0 0 0 0 (Ranges) 1(Stand Still) Zaff (Description)


Step 4:

Some n00bs attacking your NPC? Don't worry, we'll give him a little ''boost''!

Open up NPC.cfg

npc = 520 BezzoXar 0 0
npc = 522 Shop_keeper 0 0
npc = 523 Shop_assistant 0 0
npc = 524 Shop_keeper 0 0
npc = 525 Shop_assistant 0 0
npc = 526 Shop_keeper 0 0
npc = 527 Shop_assistant 0 0
npc = 528 Shop_keeper 0 0
npc = 529 Shop_assistant 0 0
npc = 530 Shop_keeper 0 0
npc = 531 Shop_assistant 0 0
npc = 532 Shop_keeper 0 0

You'll see such things.
I've explained the variables, we're going to edit it now.
I want to give Shop Assistant, ID 531, 999 Combat and 100 health.

It'll looks like this:

npc = 531 Shop_assistant 999 100

See? I've edited the 0 and 0! They're now 999 and 100! Use this for every NPC you want to edit :)

Step 5:

You can give your NPC a name too! Let's rename Shop_assistant to Santa_Clause

It'll looks like this:

npc = 531 Santa_Clause 0 0

See how easy it is!

Have fun spawning!



BezzoXar - Writing the tutorial
Monster Owns - Giving me inspiration
Newbie Spellweaver
Apr 28, 2008
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I'm going to update the tutorial about adding Fish Spots and Trees. (They're NPC's)