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[Tut] UseNet and NewsGroup Usage [Tut]

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Oct 23, 2007
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Didnt know what section this should go in, so i put in here just in case
I'm setting this post up as a quick-and-dirty intro to using usenet to download files. If you want a more indepth guide with extra links read or .

Quick introduction to what Usenet is. It came about around the beginning of the internet as a bulletin board system and it has changed very little since then. The main innovation is the ability to post binary articles, or simply files. The positives to Usenet are that it often gets releases faster than any other P2P service (since it isn't really P2P), and if you have a good provider, your connection will undoubtably be maxed out on every download.

To begin you'll want to choose a client, I suggest , but its got one of the best anti-piracy systems in place, so if you can't get it installed pick another. I'd say is the best alternative but it lacks many features of NewsLeecher that are just very convenient.

The rest of the guide will be assuming you're using NewsLeecher.

The first thing after getting it installed is to go to Options and start setting up the specifics. Go to 'Download' and set a directory for all your files to download into. (eg. X:\Downloads\Usenet\.) Then further down on that page there are check boxes, check 'Never download incompletes' and 'Error check downloaded articles'. The rest are up to you whether to use them or not.
I like to keep 'Put downloads in group folders' checked, it will set up the structure like so...
as opposed to...

Now go down the menu to NZB files. These are just like magnet links to those who are familiar with that system in Gnutella, they direct your client to the files. We're going to specify how they should be handled. Just go ahead and check everything on this page, its all good. Set a folder to AutoImport .NZBs from. This will let you easily resume if you need to turn off your computer. (X:\Downloads\Usenet\AutoImport\. will work fine)

One more menu down is the controls for PAR2 Files. These are recovery archives that you only need to use if you're missing a file of the download. Just check all three options. (This is the main feature Grabit is missing, the auto-pause of par2 files.)

Anything else in options is cosmetic or more advanced than we're going. On to setting yourself up with a provider and connecting to their servers.

Back out in the main part of the program click 'Manager', then click 'Add' just below it. Here you fill in your user details given to you by your ISP or paid provider. The absolute best in the business is , but they are expensive. Trust me though, you get what you pay for. I can't tell you your details so thats all I've got to say for this part.

Everything prior to this need only be done once, now is the part where you actually get files. Much simpler.

Choose a site where they index .NZBs. The undisputed best is but a free alternative is which is also quite nice. Pick a file from either site and either open it directly with NewsLeecher or download it to the auto-import folder. It will immediately begin to download and you'll have it in whatever folder you chose as soon as its done.

Free Newsgroup/ UseNet Servers:

Google for more free servers.
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Post them in this thread.