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[TxT]The parrot.

Junior Spellweaver
May 27, 2008
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A not-so-funny joke...

There was a man.. He had a parrot.
Passed down form his beloved grandfather.
the problem is, his grandfather is a bad guy.
He is a drinker, vulgar and more of those not so good stuff.
So the parrot followed the grandfather.
The parrot always use vulgar words and etc etc..
Especially when there are visitors. It would use the worse vulgars ever.
Not just in english tho, mandarin, tamil, cantonese, finnish and what more.
The man always thought of killing it but he loved grand-dad so he cant kill it.

He was so sick of the parrot.
First he put it in a cage and covered it.
It went silent..
for 5 seconds.. but it got worse.
the man decided to starve it.
It didnt work.. but got worse.
He tried many different ways but i got worse and worse and worse..

One night.. the parrot cant shut up.. he threw it inside the FREEZER!
The next day when the man woke up..
he went to check the parrot.
the parrot when to him and said,
"Sorry sir, im so sorry. I am not going to be bad or use vulgarities anymore sir.. please forgive me"
The man thought why has it suddenly changed ?
The the parrot continued,
"What has the chicken in there did for you to give him such harsh punishment!"