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Unity 3D - Obscure Game v2.0 - Improved Project.

Jun 1, 2009
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lecsrox - Unity 3D - Obscure Game v2.0 - Improved Project. - RaGEZONE Forums

1.1 Data Sheet:

Name: Game Obscure / Obscure
Genre - Horror FPS Game / Game Horror First Person
Developer - Leandro Vieira (Gallighan)
Version - 2.0

1.2 Requirements:

At least a video card with at least 128mb dedicated.
Win 2k, 2003, XP, 7

2.1 History:

Year 2034, With technology evolving and increasingly large army of increasingly powerful nations, both as resolved from nuclear weapons testing for new weapons more dangerous still, bioweapons. Mankind was increasingly aware of the damage it would cause if there was a world war, in a year not very good, with little water and natural resources nations have made arrangements to rise and is not always well seen by other governments, such as Isul of the country that made a deal with Arthan, the two nations exchanged information and resources about a new way to improve the quality of life of its people and for the proper development of your country, testing a new virus that increases the ability of people summarizing physically and intellectually stimulating the brain with more performance, the population could find way to produce more water and new natural resources, when news spread that the two countries have been forced to halt the project until the government continued secret arthan under the hood the project called Virus 67-Lumian. with time was done tests on soldiers of his own army, it was responding very well and advancing research increasingly was not surprising no failure in humans by injecting the virus that acts directly on the cell body and brain. In a training arthan The government separated 2 groups with 7 members each, staff and FALCON BRAVO, first sent to the brave forest braventon to test the ability of the military group that was carrying the virus and became the basis for the team falcon psychological and physical endurance training. The mission lasted 7 days of pure wilderness survival, a brave team had to send daily reports of their deeds, Commander Esker sent on the first day - we arranged a place to stay in the forest and started training, day two - shots and improved race was everything working, 3 day hunger grew and was worrying because there was little to eat that site and asked to support it. The government decided to wait another day to see how they come out and then send the other team, fourth day - at 14:00 the commander sent a message on the radio in the state breathless, talking about strange things happening with your group and in the forest, during the outburst sounds of gunfire and screams, the last message was' there is no escape, what are these things. "Thinking that something was wrong with the soldiers or even someone trying to steal or observe the performance of virus, decided to send the FALCON team to ascertain the location and rescue the other team ... They sent a report that a group member was lost when they were fleeing from something that is not able to identify ... begins his journey to find out what happened on the spot and rescue BRAVO team, and this journey there is much to be discovered as conspiracies, especially fear and survival.

2.2 Environment:

It begins in a forest using only an ax and a flashlight the player has to find out what happened and find their place in the group to rescue the team BRAVO. The climate is more real, like wind, vegetation and a forest more dense and real. The environment is completely dark at night in the scenario of the game then do not forget to turn on your flashlight with ambient sound and suspense.

2.3 Commands and Keys:

Anda - Key W, A, S, D
Attack / Shoot - Left mouse button
Mira - right mouse button
Run - key 'Shift'
Crouch - key 'Ctrl'
Flashlight - Key 'N'
Meni - key 'Esc'
Exit Game 'Alt + F4'

3.1 Enigmas:

Spread across all maps the player may notice that there are strange things happening in the woods or local and if they know how to observe and interpret each of them will understand and even be surprised. Something done more to entertain the player with the plot.

Credit 3.2:

- Gallighan - Game Creator, history and Solo Developer
- Site of Free 3D Models - several are not for the quote
- ArmedUnity: Forum with great content for FPS games.
- Tutorials and DMU Unity Forum
- FPSKit
- Google Sketchup (Models ready)
- Unity 3D Brazil: Maps

3.3 Preview Game - Gameplay

The video shows some of the game, nor creatures. 'll leave it to the players to discover. but now with this video to get an idea of how is the game environment, sorry I could not put the audio in the video but I guarantee that the sound of the game is great. The project is ongoing and will still take a while because I want to do something more complex and larger to have at least 3 hours of play, that's the goal.