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Updating MSSQL Tables with Excel

Oct 15, 2003
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Hi all,

i have been working a bit around with the STDITEMS table but as far as i can see its quite tricky and slow to work on the Enterprise Manager so i thought i'd work on Excel.. i exported the data of the table into a txt file then opened it with excel so to have each table colomn corresponding to an excel colomn.. worked on the database a few hours and changed a lot of things.. now i'm trying to import the data using enterprise manager but i keep on failing.. can anyone help me with this?

btw im using MSSQL 2000 and what i'm exactly doing is:
i select all the excel colomns and put them into a txt file so that i get for example:
1 FireBloodSword 5 6 22 0 0 0 68....
each value is separeted from the other with a tab.. so i open the enterprise manager.. go in the mir2 db and i do: all activities-> import data.. choose a text file as source and then i say that the text file is delimited and i choose tab and the preview seems correct.. so then i choose the STDITEMS tables and then in the advanced options i make it delete all the table before copying it the new one but when the process its done and i open the table again i get the same records it had before...

can anyone tell me if im doing it wrong else if there is another quick way to work on the tables without loosing ages of time..

btw if u asked why i used excel its because i like to have the stditems table ordered in a certain way and in excel i can quickly fix the id column by pulling doing the first number to the end of the table..
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Dec 28, 2007
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Connect to the mssql server with access, cant remember exactly how to do it, but its quicker than EM.