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Jan 30, 2004
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The server download

Rember to change the version if you are gona use this client ... change it in lgnversion.dat

Client download

Server setup guide

Create DB

restore db from \tdbserver\DataBase\mug_DB.dat

restore db from \tdbserver\DataBase\payment.dat

create DSN

Change the default db to mug_DB

Change the default db to payment


Hex login.exe

Search for ( you will find 4 ips ) change the 2nd one to *.*.*.* ( LEAVE THE OTHERS IPS TO

search for offset 00017165 the "7F 00 00 01" = ( 127 00 00 01 = ASCII ) change it to your ip for example my ip is then change to ascii code AC 1D 08 C2

Client ( kor version ) ( the one i used )

Hex game.exe and search for

or go to 728320 offset and change it to the ip you want

To start just run login.exe then server.exe

Thks to fnp902003 for helping on the ip settings on login.exe

Hexing help
open up the login server you find in these files (it has a english login server, registration web pages, and many more files translated into english)

in axe go to navigate (at the top of the screen) then go to goto, make sure you have it set to hex offset ... now put in 00017165h as the offset and you should see
dc 5f d4 83 00 01 dc 5f d4 85 00 02 dc 5f d4 ..... the dc 5f d4 83 is the server you need to change to your ip ..... just use the windows calculator to figure you ip in hex from (enter a number when it is dec mode, then click on the hex mode) ..

In server.exe
Search 61.74.188 remplace NULL
Search 218.145.133 remplace NULL
Search remplace localhost

server commands
USAGE: /goto [zone No.] [X pos.] [Y pos.]

USAGE: /move [name] [zone No.] [X pos.] [Y pos.]

USAGE: /copychar [source name] [target name] [option]

SYSTEM : Set Max User - /Loadobj [Item No.] [weight var.] [value var.] [size] [fives] [vext]

USAGE: /addskill [character name] [skill No.] [skill level]

USAGE: /set [char. name] [lev,str,dex,con,mh,mm,agi,age,pkl,mf,gold,w#,pop]

USAGE: /npccopy [NPC No.] [Number of NPC ('del' to remove)]

USAGE: /npcmsgadd [NPC No.] [r|s|l] [message text]

USAGE: /acquire [Type Name] [Rate Value]

USAGE: /flag [Type Name] [1 or 0] flag_enpc flag_event flag_chat flag_mark flag_pk

USAGE: /freewarp 1 or /freewarp 0 ( enable or disable free warp )

USAGE: /questset [Char. Name] [Quest No.(0=all)] [Value(0=delete,view)]

USAGE: /addsh [YY/MM/DD] [Char. Name]

USAGE: /addsh [Server History Content]

USAGE: /addh [Char. Name] [Individual History Content]

USAGE: /catime [HHMM] [week bit map] [duration(min.)]

USAGE: /cabandon [castle #(1-8)]

USAGE: /cset [castle #(1-8)] [develop #(0-3)] [amount(0-1000)]

USAGE: /guildlevel [guild name] [level amount]

USAGE: /gmguild [guild name] [low level] [high level] [number]

USAGE: /load [Type Name] [data filename]

USAGE: /enable ['zone'] [1|0] [value]

USAGE: /escript [begin|end|start|stop|load|save|finish|init] [no.]

USAGE: /sexec [funcname] [param]

USAGE : /itemdrop [add|del|clear|list] [item no.] [item rate] [N no or pid] [type]

USAGE : /gamble [type] [batting gold] [wait time(sec)]

Client commands
/ig+name of a player

others all in this site you can check it yourself(but its Chinese,I am too lazy to translate all

Table mesages in english .. dont know if this works ...

adding a new account
use the tlbid to create a new account

click on the icon next to the payment

then its just login and password then click on the 2nd icon

If any one has anything to contribute to this .. pleas by all means post it
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