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[V111] Chaos KingdomMs Team Recruitment

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Dec 7, 2012
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Hello, thanks for timing your time to go into my OP thread but I'll keep things short, right now I am looking for a team of people that specializes In several fields, such as a:

Webdesigner [Able to create a website itself as well]
Beta Players [Closed Beta] [Writing a Appplication to request to joininit]

Of course Joining the team itself I do expect that if this team is made it is to have everyone stay together, I do not wish for you to come and work and than just leave. If my server is able to open up into the higher ranks I would split my donation among my team members but as for beta players I hope you understand I wish you to come for the joy of my server.

Full name :
Age :
Position you are interested in :
Experience [If applicable I would like to see some work you have done through your time as [Postion] :
Reason you are willing to join :
Timezone :
Availiability :

Please Pm me on Ragezone if you are interested or
Skype : ChaosKingdomMs
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