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Very strange error. I cannot connect to the game.

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Aug 3, 2009
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Hello guys, I am experiencing a very strange problem, well, I never heard of this o_O
I used to play all mu servers fine. I also had my own server, which I made with no problems reading this guide:

The problem is kinda simple, I am not being able to connect to any server at all. Every server I download I find the same problem, even muglobal.
The first thing that comes to the mind of everyone is that my firewall is blocking mu, but that can't be true because I do not have any firewall installed on my computer besides windows firewall(which is turned off). So it might be my anti virus right? But I do not have any antivirus also :S

Maybe the ports 44405, 8080 and that other one are closed on my router? It can't be it, they were always open(and still are!).

I also searched around ragezone but I couldn't find someone with a similar problem, I am very thankful for any help you people can give to me !:(:

Edit: Some information I forgot:
The problem started after I formated my computer!
I am still able to play any of the other online games I used to play.
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4ever Alone = my religion
Jul 2, 2006
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1. Try deleting the forwarded ports on your router and setting the ports again.
2. If that doesn't help - try plugging the cable directly into your computer not the router.
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