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We have Working FinalRelease , + no longer need Master access + have Public IP - Need a Team - Allod 7.0 Server Version

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Aug 4, 2023
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Hi Guys I have a Dedicated Server right now its

128 GB's of RAM

48 CPU Core Processor

1TB+ hdd


I have Allod 7.0 , Full Working FinalRelease - With Public IP address - Most people have issues with Login + making a public server , most servers are stuck on a LAN

We have this on a Dedicated Server and anyone in the world can login

Once you create a account it sets it as User , Client logins , and click create a char and play

If you google Allods private server - Not one Website is shown in Google

I have a Fully working 7.0

If any of you guys are

Web Designers

Or programmers

Or Datababse Designers

Add me on Discord asap


All Allod Servers anyone that downloads wont be able to make his server public , you have to have a special fix

I have that fix , and hardly no one has it

So send me a message on Discord

Alot of people have been saying i Dont understand your post are you offering to help out people to get there server online with the public ip fix or are you looking for a team to start a server that is Online unlike 99% of all others
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