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What files for whole Translation ?

Experienced Elementalist
Apr 7, 2009
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I use V14 official files and I wanna translate my private server in french, But i don't know what files modify.. i just know i can modify worlddialog.txt fot NPC Dialogs..

>> can you help me for this ?

And I have a problem with modeling files I think, cause i updated my server with official Launcher cause I wanna have new wings (butterfly..), swowman pet and santa pet but when i launch World server I have an error "Cmodeling[..]Mi_pet_santaclaus ; and the same with Mi_pet_Snowman02..
But all is ok for wings.

>> What have I got to do to fix it ?


Edit : This is my error.txt

2009/12/21 02:06:53 string error: IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_011104

2009/12/21 02:06:53 string error: IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_011105

2009/12/21 02:06:53 FileName mdlDyna.inc(22944) : MI_PET_SANTACLAUS Not Found. : MI_PET_SANTACLAUS MODELTYPE_ANIMATED_MESH "" 0 MD_MID 0 0.5f 0 1 ATEX_NONE 1

2009/12/21 02:08:20 FileName mdlDyna.inc(22970) : MI_PET_SNOWMAN02 Not Found. : MI_PET_SNOWMAN02 MODELTYPE_ANIMATED_MESH "" 0 MD_MID 0 0.3f 0 1 ATEX_NONE 1

Can somebody help me ?
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Newbie Spellweaver
Jan 23, 2009
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Utilises les .res de ton client fr ;)
ca traduira deja la moitié de ton client, il ne te restera plus que le worlddialog.txt
Perso je suis en train de bosser dessus mais c'est long ^^
Sinon si tu es interessé, pourquoi pas nous rejoindre sur notre serveur, on est deja une cinquantaine, et j'ai corrigé tous les bugs