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What is future of Mu Online?

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Jul 13, 2008
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I've seen a lot of Low Version of Mu Online these days, from Season 1 - 6.
That's the common reason that this so called "Server owners" chooses Season 6?
- Simplicity
- Nostalgia
- Less Lag than ex701 - Season 19

But what is totally Lacking in this old versions?
- Excitement
- New features
- New Players

In creating an Mu Online Private Servers most Private Owners are thinking that this players wanted the feels of old and Classic Mu Online but failed to realize that the same people actually looking of a server that is "UNIQUE & STABLE". Most owners are trying to recruit "OLD MU ONLINE" Players instead of Getting "NEW TO MUONLINE PLAYERS"

So lets be direct to the point why some server are unable to Think, Initiate and Innovate that is some unique for their server?
If you want to get the masses, You have to be unique among others. True Season 19 is very lag since it's using old engine with minimal optimization that's why Either some should upgrade to either Unreal Engine or Unity3d?

Example is :
- Mega Mu (World of Classic and Unity3D version is connected until they fully migrate to Unity3d which is less lag and flexible)

Unique Season 6-10 Server
- Mu Ruz (It has 2 Exclusive Class, Slayer (a Female Knight) and Hunter (a Male Archer)

Been wondering? how are some developer failed to realize the effectiveness of such?
You can Create Season 3 or Season 6 but why not create your own Exclusive Class in your server?
- Tamer
- Ninja
- and a lot of exclusive class that you can make of?

Solid MMORPG Style Server:
- Final Mu (Russian) - It has a real story that you wanted to do quest and etc. it also has Unique Skill Stats aside from Strength/Agility. They called it "Final" stats that allows to boost your SD and other stats.

Exclusive Events : There is a lot of events that you may think of aside from Castle Siege, and Arka War.
-ALL OUT WAR EVENT - How about 4-6 Guild/Alliance, Fighting other Guild/Alliance in a free for all Battle Field. Kill = Points, most kills = winner , simple right ?

-GENS WAR - 2 GENS Family is pointless at this point, why not add 2 more family so players will have more optionality in a faction they wanted to join and GENS would be having MAJOR WAR every week, I mean that's the point of GENS after all.

-CONQUER A CITY EVENT (like lorencia)

i mean there is a lot you really can think of, There is no way that people in 2023-2024 would say that they don't like to play a custom made server, as they want to play Old school style. That's not Growth , you have to think how to recruit not just old players but NEW TO MUONLINE players too
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Jul 13, 2019
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Your comments are very good, actually I am a nostalgic player, adding customizations makes it lose its originality, if using the old season, I think I should only add features that are good for the experience. Player experiences like auto ingame, adding new events and new sets, trying to keep balance in the game
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Jun 24, 2013
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All servers are money grabs.
Players want server with:
reasonable donate, 15% VIP exp boost, not 250% seals shenanigans,
stable machine,
no TCA ETCA shenanigans required to finish pentagram or anything in the game,
no 8x daily bc ds to get ruuds,
no non pvp subs bosses,
no vip sub,
Everyone is tired with this shenanigans, every server dies becore people get anywhere to decent level and gear. Nobody want to do events half day after work. Ruud sets ruined this game.
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Aug 4, 2007
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One of the best thread I've seen in the 16 years I've been around RZ.

There isn't enough creative stuff, the majority of Mu owners are people that never decided to make a twist in the way they've been creating for many years.
Once in a while, there are servers that integrate real innovation, but fail so hard in marketing / events / player retention / entertainment over time.

Continuing with some of your very good examples: " " is doing great although they have like 500 chars online. They have a system where you have different tiers of one single Excellent option of an item. So for example, a low tier "Exe damage" option just grants 6% xdmg chance, but a high tier of that same option grants a lot more, and you could evolve those options, and stuff like that. They have a very creative website too, which I also believe it is key to innovation.

Money grabbers, P2W, old dudes mentalities (no offense if some "old dude" like that is reading this), believing that marketing means pasting the info of the server in forums that no one visits and dead Facebook groups, no social media campaigns (because they never ever studied something about digital marketing), and many more reasons, are real issues that this amazing game is facing since some time ago, and will continue to face.

Spoiler alert: One day, once I have enough money and time, I'll create not only one of the best Mu servers that ever existed, but also one with dynamics of the so called " ", where people will make decisions about the development and features, where they will have the tools to sell and buy items for real money, where the decisions won't be centralized on me but instead lot of them will be decentralized and made by players, and so much more features that I won't share here because it's already long.

Thanks for reading!
Put Community First
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Oct 2, 2014
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The game just doesn't stand up on its own, anymore. Nostalgia is just about the only thing it has going for it. The game has always been unbalanced with no real build opportunities per character, the 'story' quests feel like randomly generated side quests with zero impact or purpose beyond just upgrading your class, etc.

For MU to survive into the future it's going to need a custom client to go along with custom servers that people create. The game needs:
  • actual story quests people can follow and give a damn about.
  • male and female versions of classes as standard because people seem to care about that, these days.
  • more than just grinding and killing - have side quests linked to lore of your story and world environment.
  • side quests that are a mixture of fun, helping the world grow, and helping your character grow.
  • some endgame content like:
    • an endgame-only class,
    • a random generating dungeon that gets harder and harder to try and get the deepest, for the highest score to compete with others,
    • even a few changed quests/side quests that adapted to the endgame, so you feel like you made some sort of impact on the world, and then,
    • the reset function, with option to start over with a small stat boost and something like an heirloom item to keep that's really strong for the start of your reset.
Let's face it, though - MU survives on nostalgia. The only way we are going to get these things is for our community to do them with a custom client, like NextMU is shaping up as, which is a fully custom-built client interfacing with the server. At least the changes can be done on both sides then.

The question then becomes though... if someone is putting all that work in, why not just make your own small-scale co-op RPG with those features in it to begin with?
Nov 29, 2009
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Maybe a thing that would bring it back is leveraging on the concept that this game can still introduce grind and farm setup, a barter trading, a thing of patience that as a human being is losing and maybe this game can help at maybe at some angle bring it back. I can't really explain but i am working on an S6 project that would showcase what i want to say..
Experienced Elementalist
Dec 13, 2007
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The current problem of MuOnline is pacing. 90% of Mu content is between 1-400 levels, but every server seems to focus on 1000+ gameplay. Somebody needs to do the following things:
- Adjust Item stats
- Adjust Monster stats
- Re-do the drops for the new system
- Make rewards be more instanced and not invasion based (so that everyone has a chance to get something meaningful)
- Give less points for 3rd and 4th skill tree, or re-adjust the scale of things (make it a proper skill tree, that gives out builds)
- Less custom poop (the game is already too messy, you don't need every 5 minutes for an invasion to start)

Then we have the new/old players situation. We need to agree that old players are too "elite" and won't share information. So we need better websites, with forums, not discord servers (Mu Dream is doing something good there). We all have to thank the guys responsible for for adding detailed information for every update, and past updates.

By adding more information, and guides, maybe we will get more new players.

Server owners need to stop paying for IGCN until they fix their client. It's horrible to play on an IGCN server, if you can even call it "play". I've experienced a S19 DevMu files (or something like that) server with 25 FPS client, It was playable, i was enjoying the game. I don't even wanna start on the glorious work of MU Dream, with unlocked fps, scalable UI and text, and many more.

Here is what i would do for a server:
- Make items tiered and spread-out from 1-1600 (we have 10 Mastery sets , those will be from 800+
- Remake the Monsters and maps, to require certain elements of gameplay (so you would have 1-400 normal maps, then from 400+ you would maps that require elemental system, and most drops should be related to that. And once you get to 800 you would have a full pentagram, and maybe a ghost horse. Maps from 1-400 only require defense, maps from 400+ add elemental damage and defense as requirements to hunt but the regular defense stay the same, you you can hunt in pre-mastery sets, after 800 regular defense balancing for monsters comes again so you will need those high def mastery sets)
- Bosses need to drop quality of life items, not power items: (TCA/TOL/ETCA/ETOL, Jewel of Luck, Mysterious Stone, etc. Don't give full items or components to items, that can be used as a market coin)

The idea is to make every item as important as the next you get.