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what is w00t, read on...

Jan 1, 2003
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in a recent msn conversation my screen name at the time was questioned, the name in question was, "w00t?" this short conversation ensued;

Hello Boys! I'm Back !!! says:
what the hell is w00t?

w00t? says:
that my friend is a question

Hello Boys! I'm Back !!! says:
i keep seeing it
w00t? says:
a question not many people would be qualified to answer

w00t? says:
i however am qualified

w00t? says:
w00t is a shout of joy, of excitement but not of suprise

w00t? says:
many a battle hardened soul hath shouted this joyous word after a testing battle of strength, wits, reactions or anything else that would test a persons being

w00t? says:
that my friend, is w00t

Hello Boys! I'm Back !!! says:
lol mad

w00t? says:
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