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what mmorgp is legal?

Feb 4, 2010
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Probably already said here by some of intelligent group but EMULATION is 100% legal. So long as you're using an emulator you're good to go (Keep in mind your site can't have any stolen images or copy-written data or they can try and slap you with a DMCA for that.) And as far as the client goes.. that's.. that's a grey area tbh. Put it this way though, it's more expensive for them to pay their lawyers to take you to court over your small pserver. Than your pserver is worth. ESPECIALLY, if you fight it and use your brain so they keep having to pay lawyer fee's. It really discourages them from finishing the case and they will quite often give up if you show signs of willing to fight it if you somehow do get slapped.
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Nov 23, 2010
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Play official server else it's illegal.
About the server files, you do not have the right to work on ANY source files if it's copyrighted, which means pretty much every files.
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Mar 30, 2006
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Copyright laws are different everywhere and there's even laws specific for Gaming, which would cover pservers making them illegal in anyway(depends on country).
Buying the client? Blah, good luck to try and get the legal owners to give you rights for that, not unless you can chew out 1 Million USD or something.

Edit: almost forgot about game contents.
You'll also have to deal with game contents such as, textures, 3d/2d models, story & names and texts, sfx, sounds & voices, music etc. etc.
Which of course won't really work, unless you can grow money on trees(maybe with the exception on textures & text relateds).
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