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Which game has the Emulator that comes closest to full functionality?

Initiate Mage
Apr 17, 2021
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I don't know if this type of question already exists, but maybe the language barrier prevents me from being able to find it by searching

I wanted to know which Private Server Game (which is available to the public) is most perfect, in the sense that everything is working and things like that

I'm on 'localhost/portable vibe' and private server, I've already built Tera 17.32.04_hotfix2 Classic (from the good person called p5yl0, with neolauncher)

I also built Naaru's 3.3.5a Blizzlike Repack Reborn 1.0 (and this seems to me to be the most complete with less defects)

I also built Ragnarok, Aion, PointBlank and also Lineage 2 (with an extremely easy tutorial from [Epic Games Tutorial])

I mentioned it just to draw a little attention, I just want information on the games that have their GameServers more complete, maybe there is one that is 100% like maybe it doesn't exist, but if possible, I want to know if there is one that is closer to the full functioning

I entered in this "private server universe" 3 days ago, I was always interested in Habbo and had even done a Club Penguin tutorial, but I still didn't know this "private server world" so I have an extremely fragile base (I probably don't have any)

I want to know this information because I intend to bring videos extremely easy for the community, thanks for your attention
I accept information even from games that require a lot of ram memory, I accept ANY information from ANY type of game, it doesn't have to be limited to MMO, as long as you know
my discord is joaowars776#0001 for those who want to add
obs: I'm also looking for Ragnarok Eternal Love/Ragnarok Origins private server, but it's only in the hands of a few for now, but that will be my biggest goal for now