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who has msn 6 if so do you want...

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May 3, 2003
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sorry MentaL and other

sorry guy i forgot bout this forum, i was busy settin up mir 3 and tht

any way to do it manule

go to Control panle, then folder options, view tab
make sure option show hidden file and folder, is seleted
on apply tht and ok it

go to start run
tpye in c:\Documents and Settings press enter , double click on ur system user, < the 1 it says ur name folder>
double click on Application Data folder if u can see it if not go to the bar at the top were it says

c:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER\Application Data

i.e. mine is c:\Documents and Settings\Dean\Application Data

and press enter

ok once your in Application Data double click on microsoft
then double click on MSN Messenger
then on ur email address
open up ConfigCache.xml in notepad
press ctrl + f and type in<or paste in>

when it has found it go to the end were it says en-uk
change it to en-US, ok your all done while in that folder you can delete them annoy tabs

just delete every thin between <msntabdata> and </msntabdata>

right that en-us thing i told you , will only let u play think its tic tac toe, if you want to play the rest of the games
you have to hex msn,
which you can

oo which i have also got rid of the Beta at the top of it :D

place it into your c:\program files\msn messenger, replace it with the old one,