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Why not have a link Section

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Hi all

As probably a lot of you already know LOMCN is having problems with We made and are not advertising private servers at the momment this realy highlights the problem of people relying mainly on one or two forum were server owners cant advertise there servers and players cant get the names and ip's so all it takes for wemade to make it dificult for the private server community is to threaten just the 1 or 2 forums that bring people and the private servers together, some of the blame lays with some of the forum owners for not allowing links to other forums on there forum it makes wemades job easier disrupting the comunity,
if there were more forums and they all had links to each otheres Forum it would make it more dificult for wemade to disrupt the private server comunity so would it not be a good idea to put a link section an all forums instead of owners jealously trying to retain the community to themselves
plenty of server owners share files( and those that dont get slagged off so why should it be any different for forum owners who dont share links)
so come on forum owners create a link section and help preserve the private server community before its too late and dont make it so easy for wemade
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