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wierd long wait after char select

Initiate Mage
Dec 29, 2006
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Ok so i put up a server before and everything went fine but then i had to reformat my computer so i put the database and client on a cd well a bit later and go and put my server back and and get everything working fine till i load up the client and go to make a charecter i get this wierd no message error something i have not seen the last time i put up my server anyways i get past that eventually but now after i select my charecter she walks over the the edge of the screen like it's about to go to the lobby but it doesn't go to the lobby it just sits there and the animation still plays in the background so i know it's not frozen.

I am using the old luts runnable and i have no clue what is happening, this should not have happened because i remember using the same client as lst time.