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Wii games T.T

May 30, 2004
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yeah three months (about) since the wii has come out and I'm complaining about the games :p. I'm getting Twilight Princess Saturday so maybe that will tie me down for a little bit (and I do I have gcn games...). One of my friends has dbz: bt2 I may check that out. The Godfather is going to be fun as well (hopefully the wii version wont be as bad as farcry ;_; )
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Oct 4, 2006
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"yay gk got a wii ^^

any way here is the little chart i made for myself, genre and best games out or coming on auz release dates

COD 3 [great game for single but no multi so thats a big letdown]
Red steel [awesome game and multi is pretty good given the fact theyre different kind of modes]
metroid prime /adventure [ AWESOME get it , one of the best ever not released here though]

zelda youre getting
mario galaxy[hard game but rewarding promised to be btr then sunshine]
prince of persia [names sez it all, king but puzzles r harder then zelda]

rayman [ this game is poop single, its basically a party game so dnt get it to play by yourself]
wii play [ i actually liked it so did my friends]
mario party 8 [ name sez it all nothing new but sitll great]
wario ware [king,i loved the demo]
super monkey ball [great fun]

*all party games r pretty well perfect for their uses

elebits [ obscure and addicting]

well thats my little chart just pm if u need a more detailed opinion, i know my stuff bout wii games i own half of them ^^

p.s. these r the only good games , the rest ARE poop house including dbz which is sadly 2 childish oh nd i dnt like driving games so i didnt list them
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