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WipeOut Gaming

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Sep 20, 2009
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WipeOut Ragnarok Online ~ Live Up to your Expectations

WipeOut Ragnarok Online offers free online playing and enjoy the world of ragnarok in a new perspective. 100% Pre-Renewal Merged with 100% Renewal Mechanics and Foods System. We developed new kind of gameplay for your gaming needs, such as new custom items, events, and much more. You are more than welcome to play here. Balanced gameplay and items. So join the fun!!!

Server Information
Server Rates: 10k/10k/60%
Max Levels: (Balanced Gaming between 3rd Jobs and Transcendental Jobs)
255/120 ~ Transcendental (Instant Job Change and Level)
255/70 ~ 3rd Jobs Including Kagerou/Oboro
MvP/Boss: 15%
LHZ Cards and Thanatos Card: 3%
Max Aspd: 196
Max Stats: 255
Instant Cast: 150Dex

Freebies Per Account:

+7 Normal Sets 2x
Original vHelm
Angeling Wings
2 Rings
50pcs YGG Box[50]
Basic +10weapon According to your job

Guild Package: Available for at least 6 players

6pcs Maya Purple Card
6pcs Kiel Card
6pcs Bubblegum Box[5]
3pcs Golden Thief Bug Card
10pcs Special Exchange Ticket
600pcs Ygg Box[10]


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FB Page: