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World of Warcraft Private Server Sigs

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Nov 29, 2008
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I searching forever for sigs to use in our forums (vanilla), most were all leeching from Blizzards armory, which didnt make sense seeing how no one on a private server can utilize that, and the sigs that were "custom" - just didnt have that eye candy I wanted.

So off with another project. Again - as I said before, I have spent years with ragezone as my engine setting up countless private servers to enjoy. My fave, and still up to this day has always been WoW - Specifically Vanilla - as we all know, it is the best. This is yet, another attempt to give back to the community for helping me. This one is done, unlike many of my other projects :)

5even - World of Warcraft Private Server Sigs - RaGEZONE Forums

My goal was to make it function similar to xfire/raptr with an update of a few stats, and above all, make it 100% customizable - albeit NOT for the typical layman. Everything you see here can be changed to do whatever you want it to do.

The above image is live - not just a snap shot. If you look at it later, you will most likely see that the level has changed and the played time or maybe I switched realms. Never know

NOTE: This is currently written for Vanilla, but easily updated for any expansion. Just greese up the elbows.


Hope someone finds it useful.
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