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[World of Warcraft] - Recommend a friend

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Mar 9, 2004
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I love wow but it does get quite tiresome. I am looking for a leveling partner to start fresh with on the Horde - We will get tripple exp and can teleport to each other whilst leveling - we can also grant each other a level. Doesn't matter what realm but if you choose Aggramar you will recieve 250g to start your journey. I put this offer on the table as i play wow alone most of the time with 4 level 70 i do know the game quite well from a questing point of view and also an endgame prospective - retro AQ40 ftw

You will need to make an account via the invitation i send you and we get the party started - Prefer if you were from the UK due to Time diffrence - would also prefer it if you were fresh to wow but not assed either way - EU wow

If any 1 is intrested please drop a line here or through PM or xfire - sutsurikeru or msn - oku@sutsurikeru.net

Adventure Together and Level Faster

Meet your friend in Azeroth and enjoy special in-game benefits for a full 90 days:

* Friend-to-friend summoning makes it easy to travel together.
* Faster levelling with triple experience gained!
* Your friend can even grant bonus levels to your own characters!
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