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[WoW] Clarity RP looking for game masters

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Oct 16, 2012
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Clarity Roleplaying is a newly made World of Warcraft 3.3.5a server. We aim to provide a community for dedicated roleplayers to play beyond the limitations of the real game. Currently we are looking for staff in unpaid positions to help out players.

Staff we are looking for:

The main responsibility as a gamemaster is to help players with issues or need help for a specific reason.

Required skills:
Fluency in English
Decent English Grammar
Some experience with ArcEmu commands
Respect towards players and other GMs

Considerable plusses:
Previous Customer Service experience


Server Maintenance Assistant
The main responsibility of the Server Maintenace Assistant is to be a first-responder to a server crash or otherwise unplanned downtime. Therefore being located in the US will be a plus as the main server maintenance capable crew are located in Denmark. Additionally fixing or disabling broken scripts (C++ or LUA) to fix stability of the server may occur as well

Required skills:
Decent experience with the Linux OS. (Specifically Ubuntu Server)
Decent experience with ArcEmu
Know how to use SSH and WinSCP (Or other SFTP tools)
Experience with debugging emulators.

Considerable plusses:
Skills with C++ and LUA
Being located in the US


If you wish to fullfill any of these roles please contact me via
Skype: olivermller97
or email: theoliver@live.co.uk
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