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WSP MU [Exp: x100, Drop: 20%] Open 5 April

Initiate Mage
May 4, 2023
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Grand Opening 05.03.2023 , Server start at 20:00 (Moscow)GMT+3
At the start of the server all players will be given nice gifts for a quick start!

Server Website: https://wspmu.online/
Discrod: https://discord.com/invite/mxQ4Cqdb2Q
F.A.Q: http://guide.wspmu.online/#about

Exp: x100
Exp ML: 5%
Drop Rate: 10%
Max Level: 400
Max Level ML: 400
Max Stats: 32000
Create guild - from the 1 Level
Max members guild: 20 (DL 25)
Max aliance guild: 2
Max Reset: 25
Max Grand Reset: 5
All heroes available from 1 lvl
Points for level : 5 for all class
Blood Castle, Devil Square , Chaos Castle - 2 limits per 24 hours (12:00 day limit reset) (VIP ACCOUNT 3 limits per 24 hours)
Maximum number of game clients : 5

Game Features :
- Clean 35 fps client, thanks to which you will feel differently the micro-control of the character
- Two different sieges: 1) Classical siege brought to mind. 2) Custom unique siege where guilds will fight for the map "Elveland Warrior"
- New completely redone map "Dungeon Labyrinth" by our developer from Portugal, many interesting bosses and transitions between Dungeon 1-4, also the map has its own unique PVP arena
- New arena Village Area- This map is NON-PVP and you can get there only by killing the mini-boss and getting a teleport ticket
- Improved classic brewing in the Chaos Machine, you will only see the correct % when brewing things and items
- Balanced PVP and PVE, carefully tested at several stages of the game
- Completely rewritten monsters, with a smooth transition between 20 Locations, as well as automatic strengthening of monsters every 1 reset.
- More than 250+ dynamic quests for the passage of the main character
- Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle take place every hour, so that every player who goes to work can break his limits (3 limits)
- Costume jewelry until season 8.
- Skill tree until season 10.
- All PVP events are adjusted and balanced for each class: Team vs Team , Guild vs Guild , Battle Royale , Championship , Map Capture , Marathon Event