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[X360] Grand Theft Auto: IV Quick Money

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Dec 4, 2007
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Just a quick tip on getting money quickly that I found out about.

Drive around the north-east part of town, and look for a big white trick, with a green bar going across it, and says "Gruppe 6".

Park in front of it so it can't move, and kick the driver out, kill him or something. Then shoot at the vehicle, or somehow make it blow up. Over $2000 in cash will come out of it (banking truck), and go all across the ground. Just run around collecting it, and then get out of there or the cops will get you.

Might have been a known trick to some people, but for those who didn't know about it, you now do. :):
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Nov 20, 2008
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Yeah, this trick is pretty much known but may be nice for those who didn't know it yet. :D

Another trick is to get all cars for Stevie's Garage and earn a lot of money, after you brought Stevie all the cars he will buy the cars you randomly get into the garage.