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XP Cap Limit Issue

Junior Spellweaver
May 24, 2004
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In the rmserver.ini file i've setup the map parameters with:


This seems to work ok so long as the xp in mop info files are adjusted quited high then you can exceed the 10% cap limit of your level.

I've tried the -Battleserver line and found it does the same but when getting a kill the xp doesn' cap at the level but gives you the remaining exp without stopping at 0.

These paramaters are setup in the rmserver.ini file, then I use the GMTool to specify to start a map with the battleserver option instead of auto.

The maps load fine, the xp works without capping but as it turns out its created another issue where you can't logoff Redmoon.

F12 doesn't work and the quit doesn't work. Only way out is to control alt delete the program.

Anyone have any idea or step by step on how this should be setup?

Tx for any help