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Yay Everquest II Beta

Newbie Spellweaver
Jun 9, 2004
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I got into the Everquest II Beta Test. Im am currently downloading the client for the game and will be playing all night tonight. I can not wait. Well I gotta run. I will give you guys screenshots of the game as soon as I finish. I will also be making a 2 min video of me playing. Talk to you guys soon!

EDIT*- Here is the E-mail I got from EQ2 Team....

Here is the email I got. I figured you guys wanted to see it.

Dear station member,

We are pleased to welcome you into the Friends and Family Beta for EverQuest II.
Thank you for volunteering to help us build a stronger, more stable game.

Please read this entire e-mail carefully. It will provide all the information
you need to install the beta client and begin exploration of the world of
EverQuest II.

Please remember that taking part in our beta program means you must accept the
terms of our Non-Disclosure Agreement; everything included in this letter and
within the software itself is covered by that agreement.

Activating Your Beta Account

Before installing the EverQuest II beta client, you will first need to sign in
to our beta registration website. Please go to the following URL:

(Blocked off also sorry)

You will be prompted to sign in with your Station account. If you do not have
one, please click on the link to create an account and follow the directions
provided. Be sure your e-mail address is entered correctly.

After you are signed in, you will be asked for your beta key. Your key is found

****-****-****-**** ( I blocked this out sorry guys)

Please type your key carefully. After you submit your key, we will verify that
it was entered correctly. If it wasn't, you will be asked to enter it again.

If you are not already registered for our forums, once your key is received you
will be taken to the EverQuest II Fan Club registration form. On this page you
can also elect to receive our newsletter, as well as e-mail announcements about
EverQuest II. You will be asked to create a chat handle, which is the name you
will be known by on the beta message boards. Be sure to read our Privacy Policy
and the Sony Online Terms of Service, to which you must agree before you can
continue further.

When you have filled out the fan club registration completely and agreed to the
Terms of Service, you will receive an e-mail that has your Priority Confirmation
Code. Enter this code on the next page of the registration website. If your code
did not arrive correctly, follow the link on that page to have it resent to you.
Please be sure your e-mail software does not filter out mail from
station.sony.com. Enter your confirmation code in the space provided.

Once you are signed up for the fan club, the next page will ask you to verify
your contact information. This will be used only if we need to ship discs or
other media to you, or if we need to contact you directly about specific beta

To proceed with the beta registration, you must agree to allow us to detect your
hardware settings. Please be sure you are applying for beta on the machine you
will be playing from, as this data is important for bug tracking purposes. Press
the Submit button to send us your hardware data.

Next you must read and agree to our Terms of Use, License and Non-Disclosure
Agreement. Remember that everything you see and experience in the course of beta
testing EverQuest II is subject to this agreement and cannot be discussed
outside of our official beta forums. Anyone found to be in violation of this
agreement will be removed from the beta program.

The final registration step is to once again confirm your beta account key.
Press the Submit Account Key button and your registration is complete.

Downloading the Beta Client

After filling out the registration, you will be directed to the beta download
page. Please click the Download the EverQuest II Beta Installer link to begin
the download process.

Select "Save" when prompted and choose a location to store the eq2beta.zip file.
When the download is complete, open the zip file and extract the setup.exe file
to your desktop or another location. Double-click the setup.exe file to install
the beta patcher software.

When installation is complete, you will see an icon on your desktop named
EverQuest II Beta. Double-click this icon and sign in with your Station account
to launch the patcher and begin downloading the EverQuest II Beta client.

Note: The EverQuest II Beta client is over two gigabytes in size and may take
ten or more hours to download. If you need to interrupt the download process for
any reason, you can run the patcher again and it will resume from where it left

When the download is complete, press Play to enter the world of EverQuest II.
Welcome to the beta program!

Getting Started

Please be sure to print out and read the EverQuest_II_Beta_Manual.pdf file found
in the game directory (the default is C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest II Beta).
This manual provides valuable information to help get your adventure underway.

You enter the world as a refugee, rescued by the Far Seas Trading Company and
taken by ship to the Isle of Refuge. After an introduction to the interface and
the basic mechanics of the game aboard the Far Journey, you are taken to the
Isle of Refuge where you will pick an archetype and begin your adventure. After
the island, you will move to one of the two cities that survived the cataclysms.

Qeynos, under the rule of Antonia Bayle, has become the gathering point for
those who walk the path of virtue. All those willing to work for the betterment
of civilization are welcome within the city walls. Expeditions are being sent
into the wilderness to bring order to the world and rescue those who are in need
of aid.

Freeport, under the iron grip of the Overlord, is the home of darkness and
greed. Lucan D'Lere seeks power and glory, sending his minions into the
frontiers to claim the wealth of the world as his own. Adventurers who choose
the path of evil will call this city home.

Finding Your Friends

After completing the boat tutorial, players begin the game on the Isle of
Refuge. In order to prevent overcrowding, we create multiple instances of the
island to ensure a healthy population of players. However, this can result in
friends who want to play together winding up on different versions of the Isle.

To join up with your friends, use the mariner's bell found on the southwestern
dock of the Isle of Refuge. Simply right click on the bell and select "zone to
friend," then enter the character name of the friend you'd like to play with.
You will be transported to the version of the Isle where your friend is located
and the two of you can begin your adventures together.

Staying in Touch

You can stay up to date on the latest beta test information by visiting the
EverQuest II Beta website:

This site contains resources and news that will help you get the most from your
testing experience. These pages are accessible only to people whose Station
accounts are accepted into the beta program, and all material on the site is

Sending Us Feedback

As part of your participation in our beta program, we rely on you to report bugs
and give us feedback on the things you like or dislike about the game. The place
for discussing these issues and receiving feedback from our developers is the
beta section of our official forums:

Using the fan club handle you created when registering, you can post information
on bugs you encounter while playing, as well as provide general feedback about
your impressions of EverQuest II. The beta forums can only be read by others in
the beta program, so please remember that anything you post there is considered

Additionally, there are two in-game commands for sending us information about
what you experience during the beta.

/bug should be used to report bugs. Bugs are gameplay features that do not
work, spelling errors, and anything that just does not work as intended. Please
give us as much detail about the bug as you can think of when reporting it. You
can also click the bug icon on your default hotkey bar to open the bug reporting

/feedback should be used to send in comments about parts of the game that work
properly, but that you would like to see changed. If you discover an item that
you think should have less WIS and more INT, then use /feedback. If you think a
certain encounter is too easy or too hard, use /feedback to report it. You can
also use this command to make general suggestions on how to improve the game.

It is important that you distinguish between these two options, as one is read
primarily by our testing team and the other is read mostly by our game
designers. Sending a bug through /feedback can delay our ability to fix it,
since we'll have to route that to our testers for verification.

Please remember that your participation in the beta program is subject to the
Terms of Use, License and Non-Disclosure Agreement ("Agreement"). Your access in
and to the beta program, including the patcher, is for your personal,
non-commercial use only, in accordance with the Agreement, and any feedback you
provide is confidential.

Once again, thank you for your time and effort. It is very much appreciated.


The EverQuest II Team
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Newbie Spellweaver
Jun 9, 2004
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Well the download link was just put up today around 11 AM EST so. Everyone is having a bad time getting logged onto the website because a lot of people are downloading the client. Right now I got 1 hr and 13 mins left till download complete. Is there any way we can make private servers or something..? Cause from what I see in the client its looks great.
Newbie Spellweaver
Jun 9, 2004
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Andy you got into EQ2 Beta...? Awesome bro. Mabey we can join up togeather. Ummm yea I just got home from work so I have to start the download from where I left off. Well I will try to have some screens for you guys as soon as possible. My name will most likely be Th3 7ru7h or something if I can get that name. Talk to you guys soon.
Feb 19, 2003
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ye im dlin aswell, 2gigs or summin lol, 11/12 hours on my connection -_- heres a screen of the lauch client, ye we can team up and lvl :p


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Newbie Spellweaver
Jun 9, 2004
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Yea here is a pic of mine also...
EQ2Beta - Yay Everquest II Beta - RaGEZONE Forums


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Newbie Spellweaver
Jun 9, 2004
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I will soon be playing this game and when I do there will be some awesome pics and videos for you guys. Just let me know what kind of videos you guys want and I will make them. I can make vids of me fighting and looking around in the menu, etc.
Newbie Spellweaver
Jun 9, 2004
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Awww dont worry MR. You will get your chance soon when the game releases. By the way guys I got some music of the game from the system folder of the game if you guys would like to hear it. I will attach the Town Music of the game. Have fun...


*EDIT*- Aww it wont let me attach it. Does anyone know where I can host the song at..?
Newbie Spellweaver
Jun 9, 2004
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Im done but I have to upgrade my computer to enable gameplay so on weds im just going to go buy the last 4 parts I need for my super computer and play it on that. G2G guys and will talk to you all later.