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year of the tiger!

Jan 1, 2003
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thats when i was born

year of the tiger and with the element of fire!

what about you guys?

"People born in the year of the Tiger believe in living life to the full. The impulsive tiger often leaps in without thinking but their exuberance sees them through unless they become bored and give up. They love to be admired, but if they feel down they need a shoulder to cry on until they bounce back. They need excitement in their relationships, when the tigers in love they are warm and generous but watch out for those claws if you upset them."

im not impulsive at all! .. lets go japan!

edit, just did a lil more research looks like my element is water

"Your chinese element is the water! Water personalities are dreamers and believe in love and good fortune. On the other hand they can be illusionary and unrealistic!"
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Aug 28, 2003
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oops im a rat lol


Your chinese elment is the metal. Metal personalities are tough and love to take risks. They like to help other but have to be careful not to become hard-hearted
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Sep 29, 2003
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Snake Fire :blob1: Hisssssssss Burn Burn Burn Hsssssssssssssss

People born in the year of the snake always prefer the good things in life. They are very patient and like to keep to themselves as they don't like relying on others. When the snake is in pursuit of it's goals it can be ruthless, and at the same time it can be gentle and generous. When in a relationship the snake tends to demand a lot and is very passionate. The snake finds it hard to forgive and forget anyone who upsets him. The snake is good at making money and never wastes it. For the snake person only the best is good enough. The mysterious snake uses his charm to get what he wants so never cross a snake as it could have a deadly bite if he doesn't get his own way.

Beckys witch
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Sep 22, 2003
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The Wood Dragon
Your thoughts are streamlined towards progress, and you are able to do great performances in this area. For nearly all problems you find intelligent solutions, and the more difficult the task, the greater the challenge for you. You put a lot of effort in helping others, because you have a caring heart, and you


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