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YES !!! i found a way to stop realm loop problem !

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Jul 26, 2006
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I found it on the mangos project forum so everybody thanks them for there hard work!!! :D

then SyberJJ for making this dream come true!!!
(true finder of the holy solution)

well u have 2 ways to solve the probleme... one hard (best for the server and the computer... sure for long terme run)
one easy... thats for as long as ur lucky...

depending how much time and effort u can put in that process.
well if none of this solution doesnt work i suggest u register at mangos project and ask the holy man SyberJJ cuz i just barely understand wht fixed my probleme so iam not the man to ask for help... iam just the prophet lolll...

here is the copy past of is work :

Before reading any further, please note that if you are using a router you must have a fundamental knowledge of your router and how to administer it.

Check out which covers most routers and shows you how to map ports.

This guide is for people that are hosting behind a router and want users from they're Local Area Network, AND "outside" users to be able to join the server.

This gives us a problem because of the port forwarding issue (explanation in the FAQ section).
So here is a little trick that was the only way I could solve my problem and hopefully will help allot of other users.

NOTE: This is the "nice" way to do it, at the end of this post is also another way that is easier to do, it also works but will give you 2 servers in your realmlist, one being always offline. I don't give support to the "Lazy Method".

Now, back to MY cool guide


What you need:
I am assuming you have already set up the server. If not, read Spuddlethud's Windows Installation Guide and follow it. If it works you may skip "Step 1 - Is your server REALLY working?".
You need to know if you have a static IP address or if it changes from time to time.
If you are not sure, I think the only way is to check if after restarting your router the IP adress displayed here changes:
(someone has a better idea?)
If you are sure you have a Static IP address, then go to and write it down. (Your IP Address is...)
Create a free DynDNS account at:
(if you prefer another place, like "noip" feel free to do it but don't ask me questions about it)
Your router needs to forward the ports needed by W*W and Mangos to your computer.
Check out PortForward.com, covers most routers and shows you how to map ports.
have a look round on the site above and work out how to map/forward ports for your router
then, if using the default ports:
map port 8085 using TCP to the PC running mangosd.exe
map port 3724 using TCP to the PC running realmd.exe

These Ports can also be edited in
# Default WorldServerPort
WorldServerPort = 8085
# Default RealmServerPort
RealmServerPort = 3724

But I recommend leaving those default.
If you really need to change it, remember to change it in your MySQL database and in your client folder. (if you don't know what I am talking about, DONT CHANGE IT)
Attention: In some rare cases default ports need to be changed since some other application is blocking/using the default ports (REALLY rare, only try this when everything else doesn't work)
Step 1 - Is Your Server REALLY working?

Like I said before, I assume that you have already created your server (installed all files and so on).
Now we will test if your server is working properly:
Open your MySQL database
Open the database REALMD
In this database there should be a table called REALMLIST and there you can set your servers IP address.
Set your servers IP address to
Then, also in the REALMD database there is a table called account, there you can add accounts.
create an account for you (please don't miss-spell your password or username, check it 10 times ) and SAVE.

Open the clients (W*W) folder of the same computer the server is installed and open the file called "realmlist.wtf" using notepad.
-There you will see:

set realmlist something.written.here.depending.on.your.client

-change it to:

set realmlist

Go to the folder your server is installed. Execute realmd.exe and mangosd.exe
Wait if both dos windows stay open.
If they don't stay open read the log files (normally "Realmd.log" and Server.log) and check the error messages and ask for help in the forum.
If they load and stay open, open the game client and try to join it.
Open the game client using "wow.exe", not "launcher.exe" since this little laucher likes to "fix" the clients realmlist.wtf file.
does it work? If it didn't, then STOP and go fix your server! (ask for help in the forum)

Step 2 - Creating your own DNS

-go to
-log in with your new account
-go to "my services"
-go to "Add Host Services"

now do "A" OR "B"

[A] if you have a static IP address:
go to Add Static DNS Host
create a DNS Host name and configure it with your ip adress given from

If you don't have a static IP
go to Add Dynamic DNS Host (this needs to be reconfigured every time your IP changes)
create a Dynamic DNS Host name and configure it with your CURRENT ip address given from .

after doing either "A" or "B" you will have created a dns name like "test.ath.cx" or "new.dyndns.org", something like that.
This address is needed to apply my trick later, so don't leave it out and use it when the guide says so.
If you didn't, then STOP and tell me you got an error at Step 2 + an explanation

Step 3 - Applying the DNS to your Server

Now, open your MySQL database (remember, i assume your server is already installed and working)
Open the database REALMD
Then go to the table called REALMLIST and there change your servers IP address to your newly created DNS name. (don't add "www." or any other thing)

now edit the "realmlist.wtf" file in the client (W*W) folder of everyone (inside or outside your network) who wants to join the server to "set realmlist dns.name.you.created"
if the DNS name you created was "test.dyndns.org", then change the content of the realmlist.wtf file (just open it with notepad) to:

set realmlist test.dyndns.org

Open the game client using "wow.exe", not "launcher.exe" since this little laucher likes to "fix" the clients realmlist.wtf file.
after this everyone that is NOT behind YOUR router should be able to connect,
If people from OUTSIDE your network STILL cant connect, then STOP and tell me you got an error at Step 3 + an explanation.

you and everyone else behind your router still cant because the router normally doesn't forward your connection back to an internal IP address.

Step 4 - My Little Trick

so here is whats you do:
there is a file in the windows directory named "hosts", it is normally in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts, but you can simply search for it.
first do a backup of this file, so if you do something wrong you won't blame it all on me
then open it with notepad
you will see allot of explanation text and then a line looking like this:

CODE localhost

don't change that! PLEASE! LEAVE IT!
under that line, write in the same way your host PCs LAN IP address (not the one from whatsmyip.com) and after that the DNS name you created. so, if your servers LAN IP is, it could look like this:

#There will be
#allot of lines starting with this symbol,
#explaining the file and so on.
#Then you should add your server name to make it look like this: localhost test.dyndns.org

left is your local area network IP address, and right is your newly created DNS name.
the spacing isn't important, you need at least one space between both.
test if you can connect.
Open the game client using "wow.exe", not "launcher.exe" since this little laucher likes to "fix" the clients realmlist.wtf file.

now you, as well as all other users that are NOT behind YOUR router should be able to connect. please check this, if NOT, then STOP and tell me you got an error at Step 4 + an explanation

Step 5 - Spreading the Solution
edit the hosts file the same way on every other computer located behind the same router as you in order to make them able to connect to your mangos server.
remember to edit them the same way, you can just copy one hosts file and use it on all computers, but please backup.

After this everyone should be able to connect.
Open the game client using "wow.exe", not "launcher.exe" since this little laucher likes to "fix" the clients realmlist.wtf file.

have fun!

Lazy Method (thanks to Curthbert for this)
If this whole guide is to messy to you and you want something simple but functional, you can do this: (still, it would be good to read the "what you need" section form my official guide to help you with this one. please don't ask anything before doing so)

Access your MySQL database
Open your "realmd" database
Access the "realmlist" table

Edit the serverlist to have 2 servernames, one with your routers IP address and the other one with your LAN address.

1____W*W1___Public IP (router)__8085__1_____1______1
2____W*W2___Local IP (LAN)____8085__1_____1______1

Every pc located IN your lan changes his realmlist.wtf file to the servers LAN address
(for example
Every pc located OUTSIDE your lan changes his realmlist.wtf file to the servers ROUTER IP address
(for example
Open the game client using "wow.exe", not "launcher.exe" since this little laucher likes to "fix" the clients realmlist.wtf file.

this should show "WoW1" offline only to Local computers and they can connect only to WoW2,
internet users see WoW2 as offline and they can connect only to WoW1
"I tested this and it works good..." says Curthbert
I don't give support for people using the "lazy method". DON"T ASK!


have fun, be nice, do no harm


here for mangos project forum :

thanks to all of u hope i helped ya a little
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Nov 16, 2006
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ekarlate said:
Step 4 - My Little Trick
Changing hosts is also detailed in my Complete Website Package thread.

ekarlate, I commend you for your intentions.

But I must inform the community that the number one cause of the realmlist block is because of one often overlooked reason. Since whoever is reading this is no doubt a server administrator, here is what you do.

Open your mysql database with sqlyog or navicat, proceed to the realmd database. Jump down to the realmlist table and look for the "" or "localhost". For hosting on the internet, this is the number one cause of the realmlist roadblock.

Change that bloody little culprit from "" or "localhost" to your WAN IP address. The WAN IP address is your outside IP.

There are many ways to figure out your WAN IP. But if you want to figure it out the cool way, go to and post a comment in my comment box. Then hover your mouse over the little flag or question mark and write down the last string of digits.

An example IP: <--(don't enter this into your realmlist table)

Enter your WAN IP into the realmlist table, replacing "" or "localhost".

Make sure the table saves and then reboot your entire server, both mangos.exe and realm.exe
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Nov 16, 2006
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You probably aren't using the same credentials throughout your configuration. Or don't have forwarding enabled properly. Or have an ISP that blocks outgoing services.
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Nov 29, 2006
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mate this didnt help with the handshaking problem i'm having, its got to be something really simple and easy to fix but its just figuring it out =/
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Apr 25, 2005
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All this its configuration for people who DOESNT HAVE STATIC IP ADRESS !! for people who has static ip like me doesnt have to close/open any port ... Only if they have FIREWALL !! I think this is solution for local play server/client from the same pc if im right !! Its not for bypassing the LOOPING PROBLEM !!!