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Yupi! Emulator Help Thread

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May 29, 2007
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Post your help requests related to the Yupi! Emulator - Post Shuffle - C# 6.0 here.

Please use the SPOILER tags if you're going to post screenshots or a large chunk of code.
Also make sure your code is between the CODE tags to make it easier to read.

The forum rules still apply, please use common sense and try to report posts that break the rules.

Yupi Emulator FAQ

  • Downloading

    1. You can Download last source code from Yupi accessing the Official Github Repository, and clicking in Download ZIP. The Repository URI is given in the Development and Release Thread.
    2. As is provided the Source Code, you need Build the Source Code, is necessary Build in a Windows 7 or higher Environment. You need Visual Studio 2015 or higher. Also is necessary .NET Framework 4.0, After Installing Visual Studio, you need Extract The .ZIP from Source Code and Open Yupi.sln (Or Yupi Visual Studio Project).
    3. After Opened, you only need Click in the Green Start Button, to Debug. You also can change the Build Target Platform (x64, x86, Any CPU)
    4. After that the Emulator will be Compiled in /Yupi/Build/Executables Folder.
    5. To Configure the Emulator you can search in the /Yupi/Build/Variables/Settings Folder.
  • Database

    1. The Database is provided in SQL Folder.
    2. You only need create an Empty Database and Import the Database.sql
    3. Higher Recommended using PhPMyAdmin, Some Navicat versions Import will throw Errors.
    4. Please don't try Deleting Tables and Importing again. If you need to import again, delete Entire Database. (If you don't know how Remove Foreign Keys (FK)
    5. The Database Needs InnoDB Engine
    6. Is Recommended usage of MySQL 5.5+
    7. Also it's recommended for Newbies usage of XAMPP (Last Version) - Windows, MAMP - OS X or Windows, LAMPP (XAMPP Linux Version, NOT LAMP)
    8. If you have Database Imports Error, check your Database Configuration
  • Starting Yupi

    1. You need First Import Database and Configure Main.ini and Others.ini
    2. Is highly recommended Check IF THE URL's in Others.ini IS CORRECTLY configured, with valid URI's.
    3. For Newbies is Highly recommended deactivate the packet.debug directive from Main.ini
    4. Yupi spends less than 1 minute to Start Up in Regular Environment's
  • Troubleshooting

    • Emulator
      1. When i open Emulator gives Error when trying to Download Furniture Data.
        • This can happen if you didn't configured correctly your furniture data url.
        • Also can happen if the furniture file is corrupted
    • Client
      1. When i enter in client with my user, in emulator gives SSO Key error.
        • Check if your CMS is storing a valid SSO key, maybe the SSO key from CMS is different such as the in the Database
        • Try change your CMS
      2. Client stuck as 59%
        • That happens if some of your external_variables configuration is wrong.
        • Also happens if some of the necessary startup files isn't given
        • Also this happens if your CMS isn't generating SSO key. In the console log maybe appear "Login without SSO Key isn't supported yet"
      3. Client stuck as 68%
        • Check if your external_variables are configured correctly.
      4. Client stuck as 76%
        • Check if the Emulator shows any error and if you're correctly logged in the CMS
        • Check if Emulator is running in same port as is configured in client.
        • Check if the Emulator is running in same IP, or if Firewall is disabled.
      5. Client stuck as 100%
        • This happens when your SWF gordon folder hasn't the Dance1|2|3|4.swf and HabboAvatarActions.xml and EffectMap.xml, Yupi SWF Pack has these files built in
        • Check if external_variables, Furnidata, FigureData, or any other important XML is loaded correctly
      6. My Avatar is blank
        • Check if FigureMap and FigureData are correctly loaded.
        • Check if you Have Crossdomain.xml File
      7. My Avatar is blank and i can't do anything in Hotel, nothing opens.
        • Check if the Emulator logged out you
        • Check if the Emulator shows any errors.
      8. When i Enter Client only Blank Page
        • Check if you downloaded the FIXED SWF from Release or Development Thread.
    • Camera
      1. When i take a photo nothing Happens, still only Loading... eternal
        • This happens if External_Variables has wrong stories.api configured url. Remember the Habbo Server Camera is in the same folder as the pack. If you're NOT USING the YUPI SWF pack, you need Download and Configure Server Camera manually, This is a piss and hard. Recommended use the Pack.
      2. When i take photo nothing Happens, still Loading.. or i receive Disconnect from Hotel (My avatar doesn't do anything anymore)
        • That happens if in Others.ini the URL of Server Camera is wrong, When emulator can't connect to Server Camera, throws an error.
        • My URL is CORRECT but still nothing. Check if your PhP Version is 5.5 or higher.
      3. The Photo is little messy
        • That happens because Habbo Camera is BETA
      4. I tried to download and configure Server Camera manually but didn't worked.
        • Sorry but Server Camera and Habbo Asset Extractor help will not be given here in this thread yet.
      5. When i Restart Emulator with new Furnidata the Furniture doesn't change
        • You need delete Yupi/Build/Variables/Cache/FurnidataCache.xml
      6. Some actions give me Disconnect
        • Remember YUPI is under Development, so you need explain better you error. You can create an ISSUE in Github.
    • AzureWEB
      1. When i download AzureWEB what i need to do?
        • AzureWEB contains a BUILT-IN WebServer so you doesn't need INSTALL APACHE/IIS
      2. How i Start AzureWEB?
        • First you need Windows 7+
        • It's needed C++ Redistributable 2012 x64 and x86
        • You need .NET Framework 4.0
        • After all this requeriments you need only open AzureWEB.cmd
      3. AzureWEB gives a weird error of port being used
        • AzureWEB need port 80 and 443, so shutdown any software that uses that port like Skype and TeamViewer and other Web Servers, MYSQL need be running.
      4. AzureWEB shows a message box with error something like msc...dl
        • You need download the softwares from the Folder Installers/readme.txt of AzureWEB
      5. When i start AzureWEB.cmd only appears server running, and now?
        • Open browser and enter , you will be redirected to AzureWEB installer, follow the steps.
      6. When i open the localhost gives error 500
        • Check if you downloaded last AzureWEB
        • Check if PhP Loaded Correctly
      7. When i Configured Database Settings in AzureWEB gives blank page
        • You need import DB before install AzureWEB, use the Yupi Database
        • Check if PhP_Errors.log in Web/Logs/ shows some query errors.
      8. After Installing Blank Page
        • Check PhP Errors
      9. Client Stays Blank
        • You need configure manually client.html in Web/Templates/client.html
    • Others
      • ​Other Help you need ask directly on the thread.
  • SWF

    1. You Can use the same SWF from Habboon, the RELEASES version of Yupi is given in the Yupi/Build/Variables/Packets Folder
    2. Is recommended using The Yupi SWF Packet given in Release Thread.
    3. Don't Forget to Download the FIXED Habbo.swf given in Development and Release Thread.
    4. If you Download the SWF Pack (Recommended) You only need Configure the client.php, resources/swf/gamedata/external_variables/1
  • CMS

    1. You can use any CMS that works with Phoenix, Azure, Habbon.
    2. Is strictly recommended not using Lavvos based CMS, or old CMS's.
  • Camera

    1. You can use Habbo Server Camera for Yupi, but the SWF Packet already contains pre-configured Server Camera ready to work. You DON'T need change anything on ServerCamera.php
    2. The Server Camera is in BETA Stage, so some Snapshots can appear a little messy.
    3. The Server Camera assets are extracted as the same RELEASE version fo Yupi. So Custom Furniture will not appear in Server Camera
  • Commands

  1. [*=1]You can check Full list of Commands using the :commands Command

  • AzureWEB

  1. [*=1]You can Use AzureWEB that is provided in AzureWEB release thread.
    [*=1]AzureWEB is an ideal CMS for Yupi, also RevCMS is it too!

  • Configuration File

    1. packet.debug
      • Used for Debug in Console all Packets Being "traded"
    2. multithread.XXX
      • Only for high powered machines, that enabled concurrency threads for users. In slow machines this will decrease highly emulator performance
    3. client.build
      • This specifies the folder from Yupi/Build/Variables/Packets that will be used by emulator.
    4. server.lang
      • The language for table server_langs of Database, only English coded yet.
    5. console.clear.XXX
      • Used for Automatic Console Clean.
  • Hardware|Software Requirements

    1. Windows 7 or higher; Windows Server 2008 or Higher
    2. Emulator: 512MB of RAM or higher; Database: 256MB of RAM or higher;
    3. Intel Celeron or higher;
    4. 1MB/s Internet

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Re: Official Yupi! Emulator Help Thread

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Sep 15, 2013
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Re: Official Yupi! Emulator Help Thread

I don't know if this was reported before, but I think there is a problem with the moderation system. I cannot report a bully or open the "call for help" window at all, it remains saying that I have creating a call for help before. Is there any solution for this? Because I think, this is a required feature.
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Re: Official Yupi! Emulator Help Thread

This is cringing me out so bad. I simply can't get this working
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Yes I correctly configured my furnidata in other.ini, and it's downloaded from sulake.cc
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Nov 19, 2016
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Camera PHP Files, Azure/Yupi

Hi folks, would someone send me the files of Camera (Azure/Yupi)? :(:
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