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Kynto Party a WebRTC Avatar Chat

Kynto Party a WebRTC Avatar Chat
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Kynto is in active development - watch a world be built around you as you build a world of your own. Please make some allowance for jank/bugs - While I have made every attempt to make builds as smooth as possible I have built this after hours and in a silo.


What is Kynto? It is a MMOCC (Massively Multiplayer Online Chat Community). I enjoyed playing games such as Habbo, coke studios, and the like in the past. This is built out of a longing for the communities as they were with some of the trimmings of modern web.

Some of the features include:
  • User-Created Maps: Each room is created by either myself or a player tester
  • Real-Time Communication: Audio, video, and screen can be shared peer to peer via webrtc
  • Host listening Parties, remote physical games, or a real time peer to peer radio show
  • Avatar Customization: Select from eight distinct slots to personalize your avatar.
  • Content Creation: Record and share gifs, and room urls to instantly bring on a friend.
  • AI-Powered Avatars: Customize their prompts, and chain them together.
Please reach out with bug and feedback reports and carry on.

Thanks to Lasuni (Jason, Dave,) Jaime, Mattie, Kel, Thomas, Walter, and ragezone for enabling this listing.

- will (snappo)